Holiday Weekend

It’s always nice to have a three day weekend and Labor Day didn’t disappoint.  As I’ve been walking through my Spica Tune-up steps over the last couple of weekends, I decided to just go out and make some early morning drives.  She needs to be driven and I can’t say no!

One of the books that comes with this beloved jewel is Pat Braden’s “Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible”.  It’s great and truly an excellent technical & historical manual (plus buyers guide) for any Alfa Romeo enthusiast.  In the section on maintaining your Alfa Romeo, Pat talks about driving an Alfa and I’m inspired to receive it deep in my heart and pledge to always live by it…

Alfas don’t just like to be driven hard.  They need it.  When your car limps in for service, the plugs are fouled and the oil is so diluted with volatile hydrocarbons that the engine is grinding itself to death.  To correct this sorry condition, the mechanic waits until you are just out of earshot and then takes off in your jewel, driving it with an abandon that would give you seizures.  After a few minutes at full-throttle and something near 100 mph the spark plugs clear and all the junk in the crankcase begins to evaporate.  He gets a big grin, you get a bill for $59.95, and the car never ran better.

Pat Braden – the Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible (chapter 4, pg. 76)

Drive it like you stole it son…

Now Texas is made for driving.  I drive an Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce.


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