This is my account of the progress in maintaining and preserving the 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce I purchased in Sonoma County in August 2012.  This is my second Alfa, the first was a 1969 1750 Roundtail Spider, so I guess I’m a repeat offender.

This blog is mostly so I can document the work I do for myself.  I plan to use lots of pictures and hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.



That was Dave’s ‘About’ message kicking off his blog in 2012 when he purchased the car.

I’m the new caretaker… just the next in the long life of a beloved jewel.  Dave was kind enough to allow me to take the 74 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce as well as the blog to continue the historic testament to it’s life and great times on the roads of America.  This is my first Alfa Romeo and my first classic car.

I plan to to use this blog to continue the preservation history, document my experience with learning to work on and restore a classic Alfa, but primarily to share my love and adoration for driving a classic Alfa Romeo Spider on the back roads of The Great State of Texas.  There’s so much beauty and history hidden of the major highways and in our small towns, I hope others will enjoy the experience.

Cheers and thanks again Dave,

Mick (Summer 2016)


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