Mystery Switches

In looking in the driver’s footwell I noticed first one, then two switches mounted under the dash.  One had no wires attached and I removed it.  The other was a SPST switch with two blue wires attached.  The wires led off towards the center console.  I assumed it might have something to do with the radio and left it alone.  (I haven’t even tried the radio yet.  Who wants to listen to radio when you can listen to the car?  It’ll be gone as soon as I find something to fill the hole).

Later I was reading up on the Spica injection system and discovered that there is a cold start solenoid that richens the mixture for starting.  It’s powered off the starter solenoid.  To check it, one disconnects the starter solenoid and applies 12V directly to the cold start solenoid.  There should be an audible click.  Fine.  When I looked at mine, I saw two blue wires interrupting the connection from the starter to the Spica and running back into the firewall.  AhHa!  Secret cold start solenoid cut-off switch!

I tested the cold start solenoid directly off the battery and, sure enough, heard a click.  I check the continuity between the wires and it was open regardless which way the hidden switch was flipped.  I opted for the simple solution of removing the switch and connecting the cold start solenoid directly to the starter solenoid.

Feeling pretty smart and anticipating the engine to now fire right up, I got in and turned the key.  It cranks fine, but there is not even a hint of combustion.  So, while it couldn’t hurt to get rid of the hidden switch, there is more to getting it tuned up than this.


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