Parts are parts

I knew going into this that the car would need work, especially a tune up.  After taking a quick look at the ignition system I decided I should just order a complete set of everything I might need for a decent tuneup.  Fortunately, the seller had given me a catalog from International Auto Parts in Virginia.  IAP has everything one could need in the way of parts for old Alfa, Fiat, and Lancia.  Here’s a copy of my order.

Since the car doesn’t really want to start with the current ignition parts, I settled in to wait for the new ones (why kill the battery on bad parts?).  By the next day, however, I really wanted to get it running and decided to try to source as much as I could locally.  I called around and sure, several stores said they had points, plugs. rotor, and cap.  I drove into town and picked them up, eager to get going.

When I got back home I compared the new, local, parts to the original – not even close!  Hell, the new distributor cap fit inside the original!  So, I have no choice but to wait for the parts from IAP (which according to UPS won’t be here for a week).  Never order parts from the east coast over a three day weekend.



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