And we have ignition…

After a little archeological work to locate and identify the timing marks (jacked up one side and crawled under so I could lick the crank pulley clean and see the marks – okay, steel wool, no licking).  I realized I had used the TDC mark yesterday, not the static timing mark.

So, one more pass through the static timing procedure and it was time to turn the key.  FIRST CRANK IT FIRES!  Starts right up and sounds pretty good.  I let it run for a minute and shut it down to check for oil, etc.  No signs of trouble, so the top goes down and out I go for my first test ride.

I immediately notice that even cold, it has much, much more power than on the drive home.  I keep the revs down until it warms up a bit, then try running it up to 5000 rpm.  I wish I had recorded the sounds, true Italian.  Plus, very smooth, no misses, no backfire on deceleration – pretty much like I remember my ’69 Duetto.

I feel great!  Not only do I have a pure bred Italian spider, I had a great time proving to myself that I still know how to tune a car.


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