The inside story

I really wanted to get rid of the radio (who needs radio when you can listen to the engine?) so I decided to tackle that while I wait for a new throttle cable.  One thing led to another and I now have most of the interior torn apart.  The radio is gone, the wiring tidied up, and the idiot lights are clean and working (at least the light will light, some sensors appear to not be working).

I knew I needed to replace the seats.  They are completely trashed and currently covered in a seat cover.  Since taking out the passenger seat would make getting the center console back in much easier, I started there.  Whoa!  The seat needs to be moved fully forward and backward to get to the screws that hold the seat to the rails.  I could move it back and remove the front screws, but I can’t move it forward nearly enough to get to the rear screws, part of the seat assembly interferes with the seat belt and bracket.

There is no way to move the seat any further forward without cutting the belt off.  My first attempts at doing that taught me how tough seat belt fabric really is!  Stay tuned…


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