New Wheels

I have been falling way behind in my Alfa blogging, but much has been happening.

I never really liked the “Turbina” rims that are stock on the 74 Spider, so a couple of months ago I purchased a set of used old school steel rims from Alfa Parts Exchange in Stockton.  When I called to inquire, they said they not only had them, but they were coming through Sonoma County and would deliver them for free.  It took about six weeks, but APE came through and dropped off the rims.  He wasn’t too sure what the donor car was, but they were exactly what I was looking for.  In addition, he had hub caps to match.

I took the rims to Vaider in Rohnert Park to be media blasted and powder coated.  I just got them back yesterday and couldn’t be happier.

new wheels1

The one in the lower left has the hub cap on but is still missing the center Alfa button (as are the other hub caps).  My plan is to purchase the centers from IAP and order a set of 165/R14 Vreedestien tires.  165/R14 is the stock tire size but no longer available except from classic car tire places.


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