Is this really the end?  It could be.  With some regret, my ’74 Alfa is for sale.  It’s not that I don’t love the car or that it has let me down.  No, rather it’s the arrival of a new vehicle that has forced me to make room in the garage.  I’ve owned the Alfa for four years now and have had many wonderful miles in it, but in this area there are 10 events for American cars for every one featuring foreign cars.

It was clearly time to diversify the garage and add some American flavor,  Here’s the result


1963 Ford Ranchero Deluxe, 260 V8, 3-speed on the column


At least it’s the same color!

It’s still for sale, stay tuned…



2 thoughts on “Arrivederci

  1. Jeff

    I hope when you are ultimately successful in your sale that you will part with some of the proceeds and buy your wife a new refrigerator with an icemaker that works >

  2. John Kelly

    Dave, You are on an auto rampage! Your new purchase would be well received by the Claymont cool and neat guy’s club. Although, I am uncertain if the column shifter could match that of the ’59 Stude. As you may recall, the use of the clutch was not required except when starting from a stationary position.


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