Speaking of SPICA

Alfa has used mechanical fuel injection since 1969.  The injection pump is made by SPICA and is like a little clockwork under the hood.  It has compensation for cold starting, barometric pressure, engine temp, and God know what else – all mechanical.  When it is adjusted properly, it is a masterpiece, but adjusting it takes skill and special tools.

This is all to say that the car is now in the shop getting the SPICA pump looked at.  I read all the books and was tempted to try fiddling with the pump, but decided it would be better to have someone with the experience and tools have a go at it.

It also give me a chance to evaluate the local foreign car shop, Mike’s Imports and Engines.  His shop has all the appearance of a classic auto repair shop, cars, engines, parts, etc. stored everywhere in various states of repair.  I also noticed that Mike has an Alfa key on the keychain hanging from his belt – good sign.

So, I’m anxiously waiting for his call saying it’s ready to pick up and enjoy…


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