It’s Back!!

Yes, it’s been two weeks since I took the Alfa in to Mikes Imports in Santa Rosa.  I was getting worried that Mike’s was a black hole, but not only is he an Alfa expert, he was able to diagnose my faulty Thermostatic Actuator and cobble together an alternative from old parts he had laying around.  That’s the kind of shop I wanted!

The end result is the car is now running pretty well, actually quite well.  I only drove home from the shop, but I could tell the idle was even and it easily ran up through the gears.  My TA was shot and Mike replaced it with a TA that had a bolt threaded into the top of an old actuator so a fixed setting could be established.  This will cause issues with cold starts, but was an excellent solution to get me back on the road.

Mike also went through the rest of the basic tune up stuff,  I’m happy to say he liked my static timing, but had lots of good suggestions for future changes, the number one being an electronic ignition instead of the points.

So, I’m a happy camper.  I found a shop I like and I have a reasonable driver to enjoy.  Life is good…


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