Back on the Road

Now that the seats are done and the car is back home, I lost no time in putting the new wheels and tires on the car.  The old style wheels, called ‘turbina’ by the alfisti, were impossible to clean and not all that attractive to begin with.  The tires that came on the car when I got it were some Michelin Mud & Snow tires of unknown vintage and oversize to boot.

The news wheels came from Alfa Parts Exchange from an unknown donor.  I had them power coated, polished the sombrero hub covers, and ground years of dirt off the lug nuts.  I also replaced the center caps with repros.  Finally, I mounted new Vredestein 165HR14s all around.  165HR14 is the stock tire size and only available from vintage tire shops.

I think it turned out pretty good.

new wheels 2


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