No Bumper

I decided to install IAP’s headlight relay kit.  To get at the wiring, I had to remove the front bumper assembly.  This also gave me the chance to see why one of the rubber tits sticking out front was loose (no good reason, just loose bolt).  While I had the bumper off and lights out, I thought a picture was appropriate.

The kit itself was a waste of time.  The harness wasn’t really designed with a 74 Spider in mind and I wound up pretty much taking the kit apart and just using the parts.  Now the switch on the steering column only carries the relay coil current, not the headlight current.  Separate relays for high and low beams.

Also noticed while I had the bumpers off that the car probably tapped something at one time.  The mounting point for the driver’s side rubber tit showed a little deformation and holds the tit out slightly from the bumper.  I really like to get rid of these bumpers and have a call in to Larry at Alfa Parts Exchange for replacements from a ’71 or earlier.



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