I must be crazy

My last post was about what it means to be an Alfisti.  Today I tested whether I was a true Alfisti or just a poseur (okay, this is my SECOND Alfa, so I’ve got some cred).  Today I went to look at a ‘parts’ car.

Now, no one needs a parts car.  That’s a given.  But, when you see a 74 Spider for sale locally on Craigslist for only $975 with pictures that are more or less ‘barn find’, it’s worth checking out, no?  My friend Gary agreed to come along for adult supervision (and provided the wonderful new header photo).

My vague plan was to see if the car had enough stuff on it that I could re-sell on CL, etc and end up with a free engine and transmission that I could rebuild for eventual transplant.  Bottom line, it probably does have enough sell-able parts (good bumpers, wheels, switches, steering wheel, door panels, and so on).

So, the big question is, is it worth it to try to rebuild the engine myself (last one I did was 1977) or pass and spend the bucks when I have to on my car.  I’m leaning pass, but need to sleep on it.

I must be crazy…



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