Bumper Fix

I’ve never liked the rubber “tits” that the feds made Alfa add to the front bumpers in 1974.  The re-pops are over $1K so I decided to give Larry a call at APE and see if he had any.  He didn’t have a set of clean pre-74 bumpers, but he did have a set of rubber parts without the holes for the “tits”.  $60 sounded a lot better than $1000, so I thought I would give it a try.

Off with the old bumpers…


Here’s what the two sets of rubber parts look like.  Note the hole for the tit.


It wasn’t too hard to remove the old part, but getting all those rubbers tabs fully seated was a chore.  Here’s a shot with the rubber removed and the underlying plastic exposed.

removed rubber

Here’s one side finished.

one side done

And, finally, back on the car.




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